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This is one of the most complete project I have ever done. Everything started from a raw idea which came from the client. I collaborated with them discussing functionalities and ideas to outline the best shape their product should have taken. I took care of the brand, wireframes and user-flows, various mockups and animation, landing page, mail templates for newsletter registration and communication and icon design.

Salty is a mobile app that gives anyone the opportunity to offer and seek work on dozens of professional categories, totally free.

I was asked to keep it simple so I did it all in a very minimalistic way.




Branding / Landing page design / Wireframing / Userflow / Icon design / UI Design

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The app optimizes the matching of demand and supply of work performance, giving centrality to the person and revolutionizing the job world. The logo wants to represent these two sides interacting, becoming one shape.

Logo and app icon
Project colors
E-mail templates

Communications with users are really important, I designed different e-mail templates for registration, general comunications, advertising and a business e-mail template.

Product Design


I and the client did not really know what we were trying to obtain and the core idea of the app was changing day by day. I started designing wireframe for the most important functionalities to clear our mind and have a better focus on what we were creating and what was working and what needed to be polished.


Done with all the functionalities and their wireframes I tried to design how users should have used Salty and tried to figure out the simplest way to interact with the app designing a lot of different user flows and taking just the ones which looked really easy and short.

User Interface

Understood what we wanted to achieve and what the app should have been it was easy to design the most clean, minimalistic and tidy user interface for Salty.


A simple landing page to better show how the product works, with all the information about Salty and its features, contacts and a sign-up form for business users.


More than forty categories, each one of these deserved a curated and dedicated icon.

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