Find people who love food as much as you and share with them recipes, events and much more.


The client had the idea to create a food-based social network similar to facebook and instagram. This platform is now the meeting point between chefs, food bloggers and food lovers around the world.

Everyone can publish their own recipes or save their favorites ones, they can share pictures or videos and discover and participate in events and courses.




User Experience / Wireframing / Userflow / UI Design for desktop and mobile

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Product Design

Sketch and Wireframe

We started from discussing and sketching on paper functionalities and ideas and then I designed the first screens and iterate this process.

Desktop User Interface

Understood what we wanted to achieve and what the platform should have been it was easy to design the user interface for Fuudly. I started from the desktop one...

Mobile App User flow

I tried to keep it very simple to let users find everything just max three taps away.

Mobile User Interface

I made the mobile user interface practically identical to the desktop one, having regard of the smaller size of the screen, adapting everything accordingly. The user thus has a natural experience despite being on a different device.

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